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Being able to sing and being able to sing with an authentic voice can often be the difference in booking the gig. Knowing how to bring your own self through your vocal performance is a skill that can and should be learned by every singer auditioning today. Let Backstage and a professional voice teacher show you how. 

This webinar will address how you begin to discover and claim the authenticity of your voice and what your voice does NOW. How do you bring that into the audition room? Into the callback? Into the rehearsal? What do you bring into those scenarios? How do you discover that authenticity and claim it fully in order to be memorable for all the right reasons?

This webinar is on Tuesday, October 20th at 4:00 p.m. EST. As with all of our webinars, we will be recording this event, so if you can not make the live broadcast, you can still sign up and receive a recorded copy emailed to you 48 hours after the event.
Both live and recorded copy tickets are $45.
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 What You'll Learn

Am I using style over substance?
What does “finding my voice” mean as I pursue a career?
How do I decide what to reveal in the audition room that is uniquely mine?

Susan_Eichhorn_YoungSusan is an internationally renowned voice teacher, singer & actor. She works with singers, actors & dancers that encompass many genres, from music theatre to opera and everything in between. She writes a blog www.susanoncemorewithfeeling.blogspot.com that has a a world-wide readership of over 300,000 viewers!

Susan’s primary studio is in New York City – where she works with singers of all genres:  music theatre, cabaret, opera, pop/rock/jazz – including Tony, Grammy & Academy award winner and nominees.  Susan also keeps a satellite studio in Toronto and travels around the world giving voice intensives, master classes and workshops.



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