Learn How to Produce a Webseries

Webseries webinar

This webinar is for anyone who is looking to create their own work by producing a webseries.

Digital video has revolutionized the way we can create TV and films. We can now produce high-quality projects for a fraction of the cost of shooting on film. Furthermore, digital is easier to edit and cheaper to reproduce. Now Backstage is teaming up with Miriam Pultro -- the writer, producer, and star of the multiple award wining webseries Mythos -- to teach you how to produce your own project. 

We will be recording this event. If you are not available on June 11th, at 4:00pm EST, you can still sign up and we will send you a recorded copy of the event!

Pultro's webseries recently won best supporting actor and best actress at the Indie Soap Awards, Best Acting at the Independent Television and Film Festival, and Outstanding Production and Outstanding Lead Actress at the L.A. Webseries Festival.

Whether you are an actor looking to create your own work, a writer looking to get your material on film, or a producer looking to work on the web, this webinar will help you learn how to do it.

Let's do this!